MGT has an extensive range of specialist vehicles and trailers to suit every requirement.

We have cranes capable of lifting up to 20T or we can organise dual lifts where appropriate.

We have various crane vehicles each with different lifting capabilities to suit each individual requirement.

If space is tight items can be lifted off the vehicle and can be skated into position using our equipment.

We have a range of trailers available for carrying large, heavy or unusual loads.  As well as specialist trailers, we also have crane vehicles with demountable bodies which can be used as short rigid vehicles for sites with restricted access.

MGT has access to abnormal load escort vehicles for loads requiring escorting on the highway.

All of our vehicles are fitted with audible reversing warning devices and reversing cameras to ensure the highest safety standard at all times.

All vehicles are fitted with a security tracking system which enables us to give the customer accurate ETA’s.

To maximise reliability all of our vehicles are inspected routinely in house by our sister company, Gregory Commercials Ltd and all lifting equipment is inspected and certified independently every 6 months. Lorry mounted cranes are routinely inspected but also undergo annual testing and certification.

To discuss your exact requirements please contact us on 07710 782340 or